phat_joe (phatjoe) wrote in atlanta_fuckers,


Welcome to yet another shithole on the web.

Stolen from my own shitty journal:
since I know a bunch of assholes, and I hate the spammy shit that fills up the other atlanta communities: atlanta_fuckers

this is not for posting about your bullshit events that no one gives a shit about or the piece of shit wall unit you can't even manage to give away to your destitute friends. it's just for being a prick as usual, insulting other (online and offline) douchebags, and sharing things that might actually amuse other atlantans. or maybe just cause arguments with them. shut up. i'm not here to wipe your butt.

Anything goes here. Being an asshole to your friends and enemies in this community does not bear any reflection on what a nice pussy person you may or may not be in your usual journal life. Get out some stress if you must. Profanity welcome (obviously).

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